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Anne Little is program management director in the immersive technologies practice within SAIC’s Innovation Factory group. She leads workforce upskilling solutions associated with helping organizations transform as they integrate disruptive technologies. These solutions involve integrating immersive training devices such as augmented reality and virtual reality, cloud-native delivery of rapidly developed videos for microlearning, and cultural and organizational change support to help workforces determine how to implement learning and performing on the job.

At SAIC, Little has managed training solutions development including SAIC Integrated Training Edge® (SITE®), leading solutions research and design. She has expertise in building teams with diverse skill sets; in design thinking, an approach that prioritizes customer needs; in agile practices; and in workplace transformation. She is a recognized thought leader in innovative learning solutions.

Little, a Ph.D., joined SAIC in 2017 as a senior solutions architect. She developed an innovative training approach leveraging microlearning videos, adaptive performance assessments, and strategic communications which was launched enterprise-wide and saved compliance training time and cost. The approach earned MS&T magazine’s Outstanding Innovative Product award. She spent more than a decade in academia early in her career, teaching and managing instructional technology integration programs.

Little earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Purdue University, and her master’s degree and Ph.D. in instructional technology from George Mason University. She has served as a subcommittee chair for I/ITSEC (Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference) and is a member of the National Training and Simulation Association, AFCEA International, and the Air Traffic Control Association.

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