We perform modern software execution for continuous deployment of robust apps for today's agile demands.


SAIC carries out software transformation for customers as a holistic effort of turning outdated and underperforming applications into secure, compliant, effective apps and streamlining the development process and production chain to deliver them. We understand that this re-engineering can't be a big-buck, big-bang endeavor. Our teams apply assessments, tools, and processes that logically and incrementally facilitate your most efficient, lowest-risk roadmap.

Software Capabilities

Application Modernization

Our analysis and planning toolset quickly quantifies your applications’ readiness and rapidly transforms those identified for microservices.

Lean-Agile Center of Excellence

Our CoE helps customers relentlessly adopt, improve, and scale software efficiencies, using Scaled Agile's frameworks and best practices.

Software Acceleration and DevSecOps

Our purpose-built, open source tool stacks deliver fully automated continuous deployment pipelines with built-in, "shift-left" security.

Mission Software

Our portfolio has ERP solutions, COTS software integration, and Internet of Things capability development, in addition to systems re-engineering.

Intelligent Software

We perform practical integration of artificial intelligence/machine learning into existing software to create smart applications.

Mobile App Development

Our Trusted Application Broker Service finds innovative developers that can provide accelerated development of government mobile apps.