Digital Transformation Brings New Capabilities to SOCOM Missions

Digital Transformation Brings New Capabilities to SOCOM Missions

A wave of digital engineering capabilities, AI solutions and cloud-based application and infrastructure services will enhance battlefield superiority for special operations forces

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On today's sophisticated battlefronts, U.S. special operations forces (SOF) warfighters rely on advanced technologies to carry out their high-stakes missions. Information technology and engineered solutions providing fast communications and accurate data are of the highest importance in helping them outpace and defeat adversaries in the most challenging conflict environments.

But, make no mistake, humans protect our national security. SAIC understands that the intent of our digital engineering capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and leading-edge IT services is to augment the effectiveness of SOF operators, not replace them. Advanced digital technology solutions in support operations lead to better mission outcomes and preserve lives.

SAIC is creating the digital thread, linking together warfighting hardware, software and equipment. This will weave together a data fabric, where digitally linked warfighters will get their information in near-real time, creating complete situational awareness across domains. Armed with a strong common operating picture, U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is able to make better informed and more effective decisions for its forces.

As a premier federal technology integrator, SAIC is delivering digital capabilities to defense organizations right now. For SOCOM, we can craft solutions for the combatant command's unique needs by picking and choosing the right elements from our deep pool of technologies and resources. SAIC interfaces with a vast industry partner ecosystem to develop solutions that integrate the best of commercially available technologies with government off-the-shelf as well as specific command-and-control equipment.

Pushing the power of cloud to the edge

Cloud computing at the tactical edge is one of SAIC's digital solutions. In austere battlefield environments, a tactical cloud from SAIC that runs on 5G can bring the benefits of dynamic compute and storage and highly secure applications and workloads, plus AI-enhanced data ingest and processing.

With our experience in supporting numerous federal organizations in the modernization and cloud migration of business applications and workloads, and as a leading government IT services provider delivering application managed services, infrastructure managed services and software engineering, we can help SOCOM with any cloud and application management challenges.

SAIC applies the adaptable and modular CloudScend family of solutions, which can assess where SOCOM is on its cloud journey and produce a strategy and roadmap to optimally move to and operate in the cloud — at multiple DOD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide impact levels. Through CloudScend, we can investigate holistically SOCOM's enterprise application portfolio, bringing in the right people with the right tools from our technology stack to speed operational outcomes.


Digital transformation is evolving warfighting. The force multiplication from our next-generation technology solutions leads to better mission outcomes for special operations forces.

Shortening time from vision to reality

SAIC can help SOF organizations prove out a cloud solution — or any solution or capability — before fielding it. SAIC digital engineering is our unified suite of modeling, simulation, analytics, visualization and collaboration tools that ensures we and our customers make the best engineering decisions. 

Using advanced technologies to digitally generate, curate, analyze and share a design construction as computable data, we can visualize and test the solution against an extraordinary number of operational scenarios and mission factors, in days and weeks versus months or years. Digital engineering is cost effective because it reduces design iterations and physical prototyping, thereby cutting down acquisition cycle times while ensuring solution performance and mission success.

And, as system complexity and the need for systems of systems rise with the DOD's JADC2 (joint all-domain command and control) warfighting strategy, our digital engineering not only can deliver new SOCOM mission capabilities but also can ensure systems optimization with the greater defense ecosystem.

Getting smart with data and AI

All DOD organizations are trying to manage and analyze huge volumes of data from multiple domains. This data flood presents a great challenge on the battlefield, as special operations forces must focus on high-stakes tasks at hand and not be distracted by low-order data handling tasks.

SAIC is responding with our data management and AI solutions. The Koverse Data Platform (KDP), from leading intelligent data solutions company Koverse, which SAIC acquired, manages a wide variety of data sources and data types, and provides fine-grained access based on security classification and other controls. KDP's data fusion and organization abilities set up SAIC to integrate analytics and AI through our AI development environment, called Tenjin. We can therefore quickly operationalize an AI-driven, full data life-cycle solution for customers.

AI and machine learning can help humans profoundly, but in the end, humans cannot be replaced. We teach machines what to focus on and seek out for us, since we are bad at sifting through huge amounts of data and finding needles in haystacks. Our data scientists and engineers, working with SOF mission and domain experts, develop the right data strategies and algorithms so that AI cuts out the noise and exploits relevant data for SOCOM leaders to efficiently gain insights and make high-level decisions.

SAIC’s data scientists and engineers are also leveraging hyperautomation to rapidly automate repetitive data handling and management processes. Hyperautomation uses robotic process automation with AI to crunch data and output analytics, from which humans in the loop can glean trends and nuanced information that machines can’t.

Digital transformation is promising to evolve warfighting, and SAIC produces technology solutions that give SOCOM and SOF personnel advantages during conflicts. That means taking the pain out of IT and data, so instead of looking for communications access while on the move, or struggling with application services speed or waiting for data, warfighters have what they need to finish their missions. Together, SOCOM and SAIC can drive these innovations.

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